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Report: BMW M2 Coupe Coming End of 2015?

Seeing as the BMW 2-Series succeeded the outgoing 1-Series as the smallest coupe in the German automaker’s lineup, it makes sense that a BMW M2 could follow the limited-run 1 Series M coupe. A report from BMW 2-Series forum 2addicts.com, citing “multiple inside sources,” indicates we’ll indeed get an M2 performance coupe. Production is rumored to begin at the end of 2015, with deliveries at the beginning of 2016 at the latest. We reported as far back as 2011 that BMW might develop an M2.

Like the previous 1 Series M coupe, the M2 powertrain will be a tuned version of an existing engine, in this case the N55 twin-scroll turbo straight-six that can be found in the standard BMW M235i. The report suggests that the BMW M2 will put out 365-375 hp. However, it’s unclear what other upgrades would be specific to the M2. After all, the existing 333-hp M235i already has a lengthy list of performance parts, including M sport brakes, a stiffer suspension, and an upgraded exhaust system standard, while the racier M Performance brakes and suspension are optional.

It’ll likely be possible to select these M Performance options and build your own pseudo-M2 with everything except the higher-output engine, much in the same way the Track Handling package for the BMW 228i brings that car up to M235i performance in all but power output.

Judging by how much we enjoyed the 1 Series M coupe, especially considering how close it came to equaling M3 performance, the BMW M2 is one worth waiting on. European bureau chief Georg Kacher called the 1 Series M coupe “a challenging piece, a triple-X-rated driver’s machine for semi-professionals…It is an absolute hoot on the track and an addictive plaything on your favorite twisty back road.” We might already be lost as far as BMW’s naming conventions, but true M-car or not, we can’t wait to drive the 1 Series M Coupe’s successor in the BMW M2.

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