Report: Aston Martin Virage Axed In Favor of Hotter DB9

Depending on how you look at it, this news is either slightly devastating or long overdue. Aston Martin is apparently axing the Virage model line a whole eighteen months after it went on sale. Its successor? A new version of the tried-and-true DB9 grand tourer.

The Virage may or may not have been a problematic addition to the Aston portfolio from day one. Although it had some 20 more horsepower than the DB9 it was based on, it was at least $20,000 more than the older, humbler DB9. It borrowed a front-end treatment from the Rapide and One-77, shared its underpinnings and interior with the DB9, but wasn’t as quick as the top-tier DBS. At the time, we struggled to differentiate the two, though Aston execs insisted customers could notice a discernable difference. CEO Ulric Bez insisted “there are no comparisons” to be made between the two cars.

In the end, the company only sold about 1000 Virages over 18 months – leading the company to kill the model outright, according to Cars UK.  We wouldn’t call the Virage a failure, however: it appears that the Virage’s status as a car more powerful–and prettier–than the DB9 didn’t go unnoticed by Aston’s product planning team. As the Virage fades away, we hear Gaydon is preparing a new DB9 that will effectively serve as a replacement for both the grand tourer (DB9) and sports coupe (Virage) models.

In that case, expect the Virage’s power bump to move to the new DB9, and perhaps the same can be said for its carbon-ceramic brakes, adjustable dampers, and its heftier pricetag. We’ll be waiting a bit to see the exact details, however, as Aston Martin representatives would neither confirm or deny the original report at this point in time.

Source: Cars UK

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