Renault Unveils Freddie Mercury-Inspired Twizy

What do a tiny electric French car and a mustached rocker have in common? It turns out that, in the U.K., one is pulling inspiration from the other in name of charity.

The car in question is the quirky Renault Twizy, a diminutive electric car that seats two and can travel up to about 60 miles on a single charge. The celebrity? The late Freddie Mercury, former front man for the rock band Queen. The Twizy was donated to Mercury’s charity, Mercury Phoenix Trust, which helps the fight against AIDS.

Identifiably inspired by Freddie Mercury, the Twizy is decked out with a white and yellow paintjob, red and black wheels, and a moustache. The donated car was featured as part of an auction at the Freddie For A Day event at The Savoy hotel in London on Wednesday, with the winning bid coming in around £7000 ($11,208). While the winning bidder won’t be able to take home the mustached Twizy, they will take delivery of a Twizy of their choosing later this year. More than £250,000 ($400,274) in total was raised at Wednesday’s event.

Freddie For A Day is held every year on September 5 – the rocker’s birthday – and the Mercury Phoenix Trust has raised over £15 million ($24 million) since its founding in 1992. The Renault Twizy retails in the U.K. starting at £6995 ($11,199) and can get a full charge in just three hours.

Source: Renault

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