Renault Teases New Retro R5 Turbo Concept

A tip of the hat to the legendary 5 Turbo Maxi? It's a (poorly kept) secret for now.

This is technically a teaser, but we already know what to expect from the new Renault concept car cryptically shown here: a modern-day interpretation of the legendary 5 Turbo/ 5 Turbo II.

Renault’s official release says only that the concept car “falls under the ‘play’ heading” of the company’s so-called “life-cycle” design strategy, which strives to create a different car for several different stages of the human experience. According to Renault, the shapely 2010 DeZir represented “love at first sight,” while the Captur crossover — which eventually became a production car — stood for “exploring the world as a couple.” The MPV-esque R-Space concept embodied founding a family, while the van-like Frend’zy allegedly represented “the world of work.”

That said, nothing stays a secret forever – and sure enough, the world knows a little more about this car than Renault would like to admit. Spy photos that popped up on Carscoops weeks ago showed this cheeky little hatchback being photographed side by side with an original 5 Turbo. The square light pods echo those of rally-grade 5 Turbo Maxis of yesteryear, while the “cinq” in the number card is another hat tip to the original turbo.

Carscoops suggests the car’s name is “TwinFun” – odd, but sensible, considering it bears some resemblance to the Twin’Z shown last week, and that Renault’s press release suggests this concept “illustrates how different takes on the same city car are possible.” We’re wondering if this dual personality extends to powertrain – we’d love for something torquey and turbocharged to find its way underhood, even though the Twin’Z was a pure electric vehicle.

Frankly, we’re just happy to see Renault dip back into its performance-oriented heritage. Between the revival of Gordini trim packages, the renaissance of the Alpine brand, the too-cool-for-words A110-50 concept, and even this latest concept, it’s evident these cars are hardly forgotten by those in charge at Renault. Here’s hoping there are more around the corner.

Source: Renault

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