Recall Central: 2013 Ford C-Max, 2011 Lotus Evora

Ford, Lotus issue recalls.

2013 Ford C-Max

The Problem: In 2013 Ford C-Max models without the optional panoramic sunroof, some cars were built without a piece of plastic cladding in the headliner. Without that cladding, the roof doesn’t meet federal standards for head-injury prevention. Although Ford has no reports of injuries related to this problem, an occupant could sustain more severe head injuries in cars without the plastic cladding. The 2013 Ford C-Max was also previously recalled because its child locks might not function properly.

The Fix: Ford will inspect the vehicles and install the appropriate “plastic energy absorber” for free.

Number Of Vehicles Potentially Affected: 33,021 2013 Ford C-Max hatchbacks built between January 19, 2012 and June 26, 2013.


2011 Lotus Evora

The Problem: An oil-cooler line on supercharged cars with a manual transmission could chafe and eventually rupture. This could allow oil to spill over the rear wheels, dramatically reducing their grip and increasing the likelihood of a spin or crash. The oil could also ignite if it sprays over hot engine parts. The Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige sports cars were recalled in 2011 and 2013 because oil could leak and spray onto the rear tires.

The Fix: Lotus has yet to announce a solution for this problem.

Number Of Vehicles Potentially Affected: 80 2011 Lotus Evora sports cars.

Sources: Ford, NHTSA

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