Protests end, Tata Nano given a New Chance

Protests against Indian automaker Tata have finally been resolved after a new deal was brokered between the government and the local farmers of West Bengal. The disagreement stems from what the local residents and the region’s opposition party, known as Trinamool, say was improper compensation for the land acquired by Tata Motors for the manufacturing facility of its new car: the Nano. Mamata Banerjee of Trinamool called the resolution “a big win for us.”

Tata has yet to comment on the resolution, but it will allow the company to restart construction on its facility for production of the Nano, a super-economy class car that has been dubbed “the world’s cheapest car.” Also called “the people’s car” by Tata, it was slated to cost $2500. Although its production has been plagued by issues since its unveiling last January, the end of the protests could give new hope for the automaker that would have lost millions in government subsidies should it have had to relocate its production elsewhere.

Source: The Detroit News