UPDATED: Private Event Confirms Ferrari F150 Supercar Has 230-MPH Top Speed, 800-HP V-12

At a private event in Italy, Ferrari officials quietly confirmed details on the company’s next supercar. Auto-Blog reports on several details that leaked from the event, almost all of which line up perfectly with our previous reports on the new car.

Firstly, Ferrari refers to the car as “Project F150,” signaling again that the new supercar will be called F150, and not F70 as some had expected. A specifications chart indicates the car’s V-12 engine will produce 800 hp at 9000 rpm, and a hybrid drive system will add another 150 hp of motivation. Those figures match our expectations for the V-12 HY-KERS drivetrain that was first teased in Beijing last year.

The Italian publication also reveals that the Ferrari will have a dry weight of 2800 pounds — significantly higher than the 2500 pounds we previously reported but still impressive for any car with a big V-12 and hybrid drivetrain on board. The relative daintiness is due in part to a clever carbon-fiber body shell.

The power figures and weight should produce some spectacular performance figures. Ferrari reportedly estimates a three-second 0-to-62-mph time, a top speed of 230 mph, and a Nürburgring lap time below seven minutes. That’s a barrier that almost no road-legal cars have breached, and it would prove the Ferrari F150 to be a serious performer.

The new supercar is also reported to have run a 1:20 lap at Ferrari’s private Fiorano circuit, with Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso at the helm. That’s three seconds quicker than the official time set by the F12berlinetta, four seconds quicker than that of the 599 GTO, and almost five seconds quicker than Ferrari’s last top supercar, the Enzo.

As we expected, the Ferrari will make use of active aerodynamics to provide the optimal balance of downforce at all times. The private event revealed this will partly be achieved by an adjustable rear wing and adjustable rear diffuser.

While Auto-Blog doesn’t have any images of the new car, our previous spy photos (above) and Ferrari teaser photos show we can expect the F150 will be low and wide, with a small bubble-like greenhouse and a short, low hood. The Ferrari F150 is expected to make its public debut at a major auto show later this year.

UPDATE: Ferrari has now confirmed, via its Instagram account, that the “Most Powerful Hyper Ferrari” will make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show early next month.

Source: Auto-Blog

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