Prime Minister David Cameron Tours Jaguar Land Rover Engine Plant

No longer the industrial powerhouse it once was in the mid-20th century, Britain has nonetheless seen a bit of a manufacturing renaissance over the last few years, driven largely by the automotive industry. In a press release, Jaguar Land Rover announced British Prime Minister David Cameron toured the new JLR engine plant in Wolverhampton last week to show his support for the manufacturing sector in Britain, and underscore the nation’s commitment to industry. The Wolverhampton plant will build the next-generation of gasoline and diesel I-4 engines for Jaguar and Land Rover products. The first engines are expected to come off the line in early 2015.

Although times in the United Kingdom are not the easiest they’ve ever been, the island nation is faring better than many of the other nations on the European mainland, and one of the bright spots in particular for the U.K. has been its robust auto manufacturing sector, which is on-track to surpass France, once a European manufacturing powerhouse, for the first time in nearly 50 years in total automotive production, according to AutoExpress.

Although Britain has few native-owned brands anymore, with nearly all of its prominent brands being owned by non-British companies, almost all of the brands remain firmly committed to maintaining a British production base. The U.K.’s biggest automaker by volume is Nissan, with a massive manufacturing complex in Sunderland, on England’s east coast, near Newcastle.