Power Enterprise Outdoes Volkswagen’s ‘Twin-charger’ Engine

Power Enterprise is known for tuning imports and creating some wicked machines. It has now introduced a twin-turbo, twin-supercharged Nissan GT-R.

Power Enterprises has created a full lineup of GT-R tuning kits ranging from 560 hp to 650+ hp. The base kit is the 35 GTR 560HP, which obviously has 560 hp. The changes to the stock GT-R include the Power Enterprise P-Map ECU, PWR Impulse II air filters, and intake piping kit. Next up is the 35GTR 600HP kit which adds the PWR Supersonic Titanium 3.5 inch exhaust and upgraded wastegate actuators to squeeze out the additional 40 hp.

The top of the line monster features two superchargers and two turbochargers. The combo is good for 650 hp. With the added Rotrex C30-94 superchargers turbo-lag becomes a non-issue. That makes this car ideal for track work with its near limitless supply of mid-range torque. The Power Enterprise Four Charger System makes its debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January.

Source: GT-R Blog


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