Potential Spyker Buyer Claims Saab Will Fall Short of Sales Targets This Year

Saab is doing its best to stay financially afloat post-GM ownership with debuts like the 9-5 sedan and the 9-4x. Even so, the Russian businessman who is buying Spyker’s exotic car operations suggests that Saab will miss its sales targets this year.

Aside from the new 9-5, Saab must still also sell the old 9-3. At the Geneva Motor Show, Saab and its owner, Spyker, announced minor changes to the 9-3.

This year, Saab may only sell 60,000-65,000 vehicles, says Vladimir Antonov, who is buying Spyker’s sports car business. Saab maintains the company’s recovery effort is on track, and that it will survive.

“I know that at Saab we are moving ahead, we are following the business plan,” said Saab’s Eric Geers to Reuters. “The sales target is not our prime target. Our prime target is to follow our business plan and deliver, within the financial parameters.”

Antonov also commented that he could finance almost $80 million of Saab’s capital needs this year. Saab’s road to long-term viability is still quite rocky — we’ll keep our eyes on this situation as the year progresses. What do you think — can Saab meet its 80,000-unit sales goal this year?

Source: Reuters


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