Potential Purchase of the Week: 1917 Ford Model T Ambulance Replica

Attention! This week, we’re gunning for all you history and World War I buffs out there with our Potential Purchase of the Week: a 1917 Ford Model T Ambulance Replica.

During World War I, Ford, like the majority of American automakers, converted some of its production facilities into wartime vehicle plants rather than civilian plants. The Model T had proven to be very sturdy and made it a perfect candidate for active duty. In total, Ford built around 39,000 vehicles for the U.S. Armed Services, 5745 of which were ambulances.

The Model T Ambulances used the standard powertrain from the Model T, with a 20-horsepower, 177-cubic-inch I-4 and two-speed transmission. It also used the same front and rear solid axle setup as the civilian version as well as the two mechanical drum brakes.

It’s unknown just how many of these Model T Ambulances survived the war effort, but this example isn’t one of them. It is however, an accurate replica of the World War I vehicles and is built on a correct 1917 Model T chassis.

While it might not be an original, the replica here has been finished in the correct olive drab ambulance color and even been made to look appropriately weathered. It’s also equipped with all the appropriate military equipment.

Why would I want one?

Although it’s not a true piece of World War I history, it is a true piece of history dressed as if it’s from the Great War. It’s perfect for all the history buffs out there as well as military shows because of its accuracy. In addition to military shows, this Model T Ambulance replica will be an attention getter at just about any vintage show as it’s such a unique vehicle.

Head over to RM Auctions’ Hershey Pennsylvania page to see the car.

Photos: Darin Schnabel Courtesy of RM Auctions


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