Porsche Squeezes 35 MPG out of PDK-Equipped 2009 911 Carrera

In an attempt to prove the benefits of Porsche’s latest fuel-saving technology, the company set up a little road test. Ex-racing driver and presenter of Motor magazine Klaus Niedzwiedz took a 2009 911 Carrera to see what kind of fuel economy he could return.

After sealing the tank, Niedzwiedz drove the 911 on a 400-mile route, of which 19 miles were in the city, 119 miles on rural roads, and 262 on the autobahn. The result? Klaus yielded an average of 35 mpg (US) on the European test cycle, while traveling at an average speed of 52 mph.

That’s impressive, but keep in mind that city driving – the cycle bound to create the worst fuel economy – was but five percent of Niedzwiedz’s trip. There’s also the difficulty of keeping the boxer-six at or below 2000 rpm, a Porsche-set target for efficiency. There’s no question that the car’s seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission and directly-injected engine give the 911 a slight boost in fuel economy, but we’d like to note that your results, given the weight of your right foot, may vary.


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