Porsche RS Spyder to use Direct Injection

We usually see technology trickle down from race cars to production vehicles, not the other way around.; However, after fitting direct fuel injection to the 2008 Cayenne and 2009 911, Porsche has equipped its RS Spyder race car with a similar system for the American LeMans Series (ALMS).

The majority of the 3.4-liter V-8 is carry over, but the new direct injection setup yields an extra 27 hp, bringing power to 503 hp.; Torque also rises, with the direct-injection V-8 producing 283 lb-ft at 8500 rpm, an increase of 11 lb-ft.;

Porsche says the beauty of the direct injection system lies with its ability to add power without sacrificing fuel economy.; In fact, Thomas Laudenbach, head of Porsche’s motorsport powertrain development, claims the revised V-8 consumes less fuel than its predecessor.

Look for the new engine to power Penske Racing’s pair of RS Spyders during the ALMS race at Road America on August 9.