Porsche Reveals Seven Racing Classes for Rennsport Reunion VI

If it wears a Porsche badge, it’s likely part of the fun

High-brow concours are great and all, but we like our big car events to have a little more action involved. For the Porsche faithful, it doesn’t get better than the Rennsport Reunion, held every few years. This year, the motorsports-focused event is once again hosted at Laguna Seca, falling on September 27 to September 30, 2018. In preparation, Porsche just announced the different race classes up for registration.

Group 1: PCA Sholar-Friedman Cup

Porsche Club of America race cars

Group 2: Werks Trophy

904/6 cyl. 906, 910, 907, 908, 908/2, 908/3 (6 turbo & 8 cyl.) 909, 917 (normally aspirated and turbocharged)

Group 3: Eifel Trophy

911 (911 up to 2.5 liter), 911 TR, 911 ST, 914, 914/6

Group 4: Weissach Cup

911 (over 2.5 liter), RSR, 3.0 RSR, 2.1 Turbo, 934, 935, 936, 924 GTS, 924 GTR

Group 5: Gmund Cup

550, 550A, RSK, RS60-61 (4 & 8 cyl.) 2000 GS GT, Abarth Carrera, 356, 904-4cam, Porsche specials

Group 6: Stuttgart Cup

956, 962, 911 GT1, WSC, RS Spyder

Group 7: Flacht Cup

Type 964, 993, 996, 997 GT 911 Race Cars

Each run group features practice sessions, qualifying, and warm-up. If you’re interested in registering your car, make sure you do so by April 1 next year, when the books close. Even if you’ve got a car that qualifies on paper, be forewarned there’s a selection committee on-hand to ensure each car chosen wears proper livery, mechanical correctness, and historical provenance.

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