Porsche Pushes Forward Launch of Next Cayenne SUV

Rising fuel costs have most automakers delaying or shelving future SUV programs, but Porsche’s doing the opposite.; Instead, it’s pushing forward the launch of its next-generation Cayenne.

Originally expected to launch in 2011, sources close to the project say the new SUV will arrive instead in 2010.; If Porsche has its way, the new Cayenne could even launch before Volkswagen debuts its next Touareg, which shares underpinnings with the Cayenne.

The move may seem odd, but the new Cayenne will be one of Porsche’s outlets for fuel-efficient technology, including an Audi-sourced diesel V-6 and a Porsche-designed parallel hybrid system.; The latter reportedly can return fuel economy figures approaching 25 mpg.

Source: Autocar