Porsche Converts Cayennes for Fire Fighting Duty

Pulling up to a fire, you would probably expect to see massive fire engines and utilitarian pick-up trucks; but a Porsche? Not until now.

The Stuttgart Fire Department recently received two Porsche Cayennes from the Porsche Training Center outfitted for fire-fighting duty. Stuttgart claimed that it needed all-terrain emergency vehicles to handle its hilly topography, and a little speed never hurt on the way to extinguish a fire. The additional style is just an added bonus.

The fire-fighting Porsches are outfitted with a 290 hp 3.6-liter V-6. They also have all the basics needed for an emergency vehicle like light bars, sirens, GPS, and a radio. The two Cayennes were even given special “hissing” sirens so they can be heard farther away.

There are no plans for other cities to receive the specialized 4x4s, but if others are delivered, more drivers will have a new reason to get out of the way of a Porsche.

Source: Car Magazine