Porsche Considering Panamera Coupe, May Use 928 Name

Ever since the debut of the Porsche Panamera, there have been rumors about possible coupe and convertible versions of Porsche’s latest addition to its lineup. This sketch, found on the Web site of Porsche Consulting — the brand’s engineering consulting firm — may be the clearest sign of a Panamera coupe, or 928 revival, yet.

The car in the sketch shown above, with a long hood and sloping roofline, is clearly nothing in Porsche’s current lineup. The car’s proportions also give it the look of a front-engine GT car rather than a revised mid-engine or rear-engine sports car. The long, curved hood even seems to mimic the Panamera’s without the strakes, and the car also displays prominent Porsche styling cues.

Porsche has been encouraged by strong sales of the Panamera, so it’s likely we could see the Panamera lineup expand. Sources have also reported that the constraints of a flat-six engine limited to a displacement of 4.0-liters have frustrated some of Porsche’s senior engineers in designing new 911 variants. The sources indicated that the engineers longed to create a new 928 front-engine, GT car to compete with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Aston Martin.

If the rumors are true, we could see a two-door GT, essentially a resurrection of the 928 that we haven’t seen since 1995, join the Panamera. We’ll only know for sure if we see one surface at an auto show, as Porsche could not be reached for comment.

What do you think? Should Porsche build a new 928 based on the sketch seen above? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Porsche Consulting