Porsche Builds 10,000th Panamera Sedan

Porsche announced today that it has completed production of its 10,000th Panamera. The production facility in Leipzig, Germany, has been at full tilt in an effort to keep up with demand for the sporty sedan.

Although production began back in April, the Panamera was first offered to customers in September. Since then, Porsche has secured 9000 orders for the car, and plans on moving approximately 20,000 units each year (perhaps a rumored convertible variant may boost that figure).

Thus far, the all-wheel-drive, 400-hp Panamera 4S ($94,750, including a $950 destination charge) has proven to be the frontrunner in orders, accounting for nearly 44 percent of production. The range-topping Panamera Turbo, which starts at $133,550, accounts for 36 percent of all production.

The 10,000th Panamera — a silver Turbo model — is destined for a lucky new owner in Singapore.