Porsche Adds a New Exhaust Option for 2009 911 Carrera and Targa 4 Models

Porsches exude passion to most people. To help 911 Carrera and Targa 4 buyers feel and hear even more passion from their cars, Porsche has added a new exhaust option for 2009.

The new exhaust incorporates a system to allow the driver to adjust the sound of the exhaust with the touch of a button. The exhaust can go from a more sedate sound when cruising around town to a more emotional and sporting tone when the driver wants a truly dynamic style of motoring.

To allow for two different exhaust tones, Porsche modified the stainless-steel main silencers and differentiated it visually with different tailpipes. The system operates by opening an exhaust flap on each main silencer. The exhaust flaps are operated by the engine’s electronic control system via a button on the dashboard. This exhaust system is similar to the dual-mode exhaust seen on current Corvettes, although the butterfly valves on the Corvette are operated via throttle input.

The sports exhaust system goes on sale at the beginning of February for a price of $2500. For those who just missed out on purchasing this system, Porsche will be offering a retrofit package beginning in April.


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