Porsche Panamera Gains Diesel Option for European Market

Porsche has been hard at work boosting its eco-friendly credentials. If the Cayenne Hybrid and the new 918 Spyder weren’t enough, the automaker recently launched the new Panamera Hybrid at the New York Auto Show, and its four-door sedan is about to gain another option improves fuel consumption, not flat-out acceleration.

Porsche announced today that the Panamera will soon be offered with a diesel engine — that’s right, a diesel — fitted underhood. That engine is, predictably, a 3.0-liter turbo-diesel V-6, and is nearly identical to that offered in Euro-spec Cayenne models. According to the automaker, the diesel mill offers 247 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque (the latter available at a low 1750 rpm), but those aren’t the figures that truly matter. No, buyers will instead be more concerned with the 36.2-mpg average returned by testing on the European combined test cycle (37.3 mpg, should you opt for low rolling resistance tires), or the fact that its 21-gallon tank allows for nearly 745 miles of range. Buyers who regularly drive in areas that tax based upon vehicle emissions will also appreciate the fact that the Panamera diesel emits only 172 grams of CO2 per kilometer, although that figure can further drop to 167 grams if the aforementioned tires are equipped.

The diesel-fueled Panamera goes on sale in Europe this August and starts at 80,183 euros, which is about $119,400. No word if the torque-happy diesel will reach our shores, but given this market’s desire for diesel (which is to say weak, at best), we firmly expect this model to remain an European exclusive.

Source: Porsche

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