Pontiac Trans Am Reborn as Phoenix T/A

With the death of Pontiac, we thought our hopes of ever seeing a new Trans Am also had died. Now, thanks to Trans Am Depot and Kevin Morgan Design, the Trans Am will be reborn.

Trans Am Depot, a company that specializes in the restoration of second-generation Trans Ams, is currently building a one-off concept based off Kevin Morgan’s Trans Am Concept that will be unveiled at the Trans Am Nationals later in August. Before the end of the year, Trans Am Depot will ship the first customer car, called the Phoenix T/A.

The Phoenix T/A uses the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro’s underpinnings, and is transformed not into a robot, but a screaming chicken. The standard Phoenix conversion for the car includes new front and rear fascias, a new hood complete with a shaker scoop, a rear spoiler, T/A graphics package, and a lowered suspension. Inside, the car receives embroidered head rests and console lid, door panel badges, and real turned aluminum inserts in the dash, door panels, and instrument cluster.

In addition to the exterior and interior upgrades, Trans Am Depot announced it will offer performance upgrades but has not released any details yet.

The firm says the conversion kits will become available later this year and turn-key conversion cars will also be available.

Source: Trans Am Depot, Kevin Morgan Design