Polestar-Tuned Volvo V60 Station Wagon Spied

Subtle clues hint at the possibility of the Polestar treatment.

If your heart still skips a beat when you hear the “T5-R” acronym, you might be ecstatic to learn Volvo might just have another hot performance wagon up its sleeve. Our spy photographer captured what appears to be a Polestar-modified Volvo V60 wagon being tested in Europe.

We’d already laid eyes on the facelifted 2014 V60 earlier this year, along with its sporty T6 AWD R-Design variant. Although at first glance this Rebel Blue wagon appears to be merely a new R-Design wearing a bit of camouflage, a closer look reveals a few interesting cues that suggest it could be something a little hotter.

For instance, take a close look at the lower front fascia. Yes, the lower air intakes and LED driving lamps are almost identical to the 2014 V60 T6 R-Design, but its leading edge is lower and longer, forming a sort of splitter the stock R-Design car does without. Out back, the rear roof spoiler grows slightly, and incorporates a Gurney flap-esque appendage. Oddly enough, the rockers and rear bumper fascia look as if they’re carried over from the V60 T6 R-Design, but the wheels, tires, and brakes are another matter altogether. The split five-spoke aluminum wheels, wrapped in low-profile rubber, are not only unlike any wheel Volvo currently offers here on the S60, but unlike any offered as an option on the V60 overseas. The sme goes for those massive Brembo brake calipers clearly visible in the front wheel wells.

What does this mean? Does this mean the mad geniuses at Polestar are working on a rabid 508-hp V60 to pair with their insane S60 Polestar concept? Much as we’d love such a wild wagon, a more likely answer is that Polestar is instead baking up a somewhat hotter version of the V60, much like it did for Australia with the 2012 S60 Polestar Limited Edition. If that’s the case, expect a retuned version of the 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder to deliver somewhere close to 350 hp, a 25-hp bump over the stock T6 model.

We hope Volvo sees fit to increase the number of Polestar-tuned vehicles in our market in the years to come, but as wagonphiles, we’re thankful enough that the V60 is coming stateside, especially in T6 R-Design form.

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