Point-and-shoot convertibles: The Mini Cooper S and Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Two yellow convertibles have joined the fleet at 120 E. Liberty just in time for summer! The MINI Cooper S convertible and Mazda MX-5 Miata are cabrios of the point-and-shoot variety: Just point them in the direction you want to go, and they shoot forward.

Though they both have the smile-inducing capability of turning around a gray Michigan day, they couldn’t be more different in personality. As our two drivers noted, sending a lot of power through the front wheels can lead to interesting effects, but both convertibles continue to prove to be a lot of fun without having to be exceedingly fast.

What follows is a recipe for setting up a pseudo-chase scene of your own:

Step 1: Set your sights on a bright yellow convertible. It helps when you’re already in another yellow convertible. The Miata fit snugly in the Mini’s oversized side-view mirrors.

Step 2: Avoid stoplights.; They just remind you about the inevitable torque steer when you put the Cooper S back in gear.

Step 3: Camp out surreptitiously.; There’s no better time to admire the rolling stock on your pursuit car.

Step 4: Show off a little.; The paler yellow of the Cooper S shows against the Miata’s fiery orange-tinted glow.

Step 5: Eventually, call it a draw.; A tale of two convertibles comes to a close. And hey, not a bad use of an afternoon.

Jeffrey Jablansky

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