Pininfarina Builds 2008 Rolls-Royce Hyperion Convertible

Although the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is certain to be a showcase for coachbuilt Rolls-Royces of days gone, we’re also looking forward to seeing a new variation on the same theme. Pininfarina is slated to pull the wraps off the Hyperion, a custom-built Rolls-Royce convertible, at the show.

Built from a Phantom Drophead Coupé, the Hyperion seems – from the shadowy photo released – to be much shorter than the production model. Although the front fascia seems to be similar to the Phantom, the car sports a host of new character lines aft of the A-pillars.

Pininfarina claims the Hyperion is inspired by pre-war Rolls-Royces; while the lines do help connect the car to its history, many of the same lines recall more modern vehicles. The kink just below the window line, rising up as it hits the rear fender, evokes memories of the Silver Wraith and Silver Cloud, both products of the 1950s.

Like the Ferrari P4/5 built by Pininfarina for James Glickenhaus, the Hyperion is not a concept but a commissioned one-off. Although the owner wishes to remain anonymous, the car will be the center of attention when the Concours opens on August 17.