Photos Give Glimpse at 2010 Chevolet Volt

Lest you’ve forgotten the company’s working on a plug-in hybrid, GM released a couple teaser images of the 2010 Chevrolet Volt plug-in.

Not just any images, mind you – according to the company, these are the real deal; photos of the actual production car.; And no, they’re not of the entire vehicle.; At this point, GM is only comfortable showing the corner of the Volt’s front fascia and the emblem on the rear decklid.

What can we glean from these shots?; Admittedly, not much.; We’ve known the car’s proportions would change slightly as it transgressed from concept to reality.; What we see in the front fender – notably with its taller height and rounded corners – echo earlier preview sketches released by GM.; We are curious if the colored LED lighting, especially in the front fog lamps, is actually production intent.

GM’s engineering and design staffs are working furiously to meet the 2010 deadline, but with the timing of these photos, we have to wonder if the car’s launch is nigh.; There’s been buzz surrounding the car’s debut at the Paris motor show in October, but we’ve also heard the car might appear stateside beforehand.