Peugeot Vamps On Onyx Supercar, Creates Onyx Bike, Scooter Concepts

We think Peugeot’s Onyx concept works well enough as a four-wheeled, diesel-hybrid, copper and carbon fiber-skinned supercar, but Peugeot apparently thinks its design can easily be adapted for two of its other product ranges: scooters and bicycles, respectively. The three design concepts are described as “high-performance concepts” that “explore Peugeot’s different worlds of mobility” with “powerful, futursitsic aesthetics.”
Theoretically, the scooter – or the Onyx Megatrike, as Peugeot calls it – has the most in common with its supercar sibling. Not only does its black paint and copper front panels echo those of the Onyx concept car, but its headlamps and fairing are also styled to emulate the show car. A detachable storage compartment helps to transform the scooter’s character – remove it, and the rider can step-through the frame, and sit with his or her feet forward. Leave it in place, and the rider can straddle it as if it were a sport bike’s fuel tank, resting feet upon a rear set of pegs.
Like the Onyx, the Onyx Megatrike is also a hybrid. Power comes from a 400-cc engine and an electric motor. In pure electric mode, the Megatrike can travel 18 miles at 30 mph before switching to the combustion engine.
The Onyx Concept bicycle’s drivetrain is far less complex (feet, meet pedals), but the bike itself is still technically advanced. Like Peugeot Cycle’s top-end racing bike, the Onyx bike’s frame is composed mainly of carbon fiber – but the use of the composite material doesn’t end there. Carbon fiber is used to form the forks, wheels, and handlebars. Speaking of handlebars, they almost look like knife blades, as designers attempted to reduce frontal area as much as possible. That focus on aero also helps to explain the fairing on the rims, along with the lack of shifter cables and linkages (shifting is all done electronically).
Much like the Peugeot Onyx itself, don’t look for the Onyx Megatrike or the Onyx Concept bicycle to become production items any time soon, but do expect them to appear on Peugeot’s auto show stand during next week’s Paris Motor Show.
Source: Peugeot

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