Peugeot To Sell Historic Vehicles at Auction

It seems as if GM isn’t the only automaker thinning out its historical collection. Word has it Peugeot’s cleaning out its coffers, and in the process, selling a number of vintage treasures.

Those treasures, Peugeot says, are merely duplicates. The automaker presently has approximately 450 automobiles in its possession, often seen at its Peugeot Adventure museum in Sochaux, France.
According to the museum director Loic Henouil, the auction is simply part of the museum’s daily business, and there are “definitely no links to this event and the actual [economic] crisis.” Indeed, proceeds from the auction will be used towards filling gaps in the museum’s collection – Peugeot would love to get a hold of the a rare 601 Eclipse.
In order to do that, it’ll auction off a host of gems. The museum hasn’t compiled a final list of cars available, but it has said it plans to sell both a Peugeot-Jordan F1 car from the 1990s, and one of two examples of the insane 405 T16 GR rally car.
Source: Automotive News Europe