Peugeot Reveals BB1 Micro Car at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show

Peugeot has just unveiled its newest concept at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Half scooter, half car, the flat-nosed BB1 has room for four.

“Its mother is a scooter. Its father is a car,” reads the catch line on the teaser site. The BB1 gets its handlebar-like steering mechanism from a scooter, and the electric motor limits it primarily to city driving. What seem to be solar panels on the roof may help charge the batteries.

Eclipsing the smart fortwo in seating capacity, the BB1 shares a length of only 8.2 feet. Parking in any tight space should be trouble free, and if you are driving in Paris, the BB1 will surely fit on the sidewalk.

The all-in-one windshield-roof gives the BB1 a panoramic view to keep occupants entertained with city lights. Rear mounted door hinges allow for easy of entry and exit.

Stay tuned for details as they arise.