Paris firm uses electric scooters as taxis

There’s a new method of public transportation in Paris: the electric scooter.

CityBird, a new taxi-scooter service, offers up eco-friendly rides for a modest price. The service caries the same advantages as gas-powered scooters (like bypassing traffic snarls) but don’t expect to carry much luggage.

Currently, the service employs 20 scooter taxi drivers, and has made over 50,000 pick-ups in its 5 years of existence.

In case you’re a

  • very important person -or simply feel scooting through Paris is too dull – CityBird offers helmets that, via Bluetooth, connect to your MP3 player or cell phone.
    Although the electric scooters are great for zipping through Parisian neighborhoods, they’re not made for long trips.Therefore, if your journey takes you out of Paris, CityBird will dispatch a non-electric bike – usually in the form of a Honda Goldwing or Suzuki Burgman.

    Source: CityBird

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