Pagani Reveals Two American Distributors, Huayra Orders Begin This Summer

Pagani’s entry into the U.S. supercar market just got very real. Today, the automaker announced its two initial dealers for the region: The Auto Gallery in Beverly Hills, California, and British Motorcars in San Francisco, California.

Both west coast locations are in hotbeds for hot metal, and according to company managing director, Francesco Zappacosta, were selected because of their “extensive track records of excellence, not to mention a long-standing relationship with Pagani Automobili and Mr. Pagani personally.”

Choosing only two locations is just right for the brand looking to make a good impression on well-off Americans interested in throwing down at least $1 million for an all-new 700-horsepower Huayra, the brand’s first U.S.-homologated ride.

With two locations, customers can be better aligned with most of the production process starting from bespoke order to final assembly. The close-knit distribution network helps to foster a fruitful customer-manufacturer relationship; there are future plans to expand the brand into more supercar-loving U.S. markets.

Having a handful of dealers also ensures craftspeople at the company’s Cesario sul Panaro workshop can fulfill global orders on time. Officials estimate one Huayra will take two months to complete.

If you’re accounts are padded well enough, U.S. orders will be taken this summer, with first deliveries arriving in early 2012. Wanna see a Huayra in the flesh? You’ll have to wait until a demo car comes next year.

You can start playing the lottery now…

Source: Pagani