Owner of Wrecked Ferrari Seeks Crowdfunding for Repairs

The fastest billboard around.

It seems like nearly everything can be crowdfunded now. Start-ups, projects, and even basic bills can get the green light through the power of crowd-sourced funding. Now, an German entrepreneur is looking to crowdfund the resurrection of his recently wrecked 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale through a rather strange campaign.

On a recent run around the Nurburgring, Jonas Frey smacked his beautiful Ferrari 458 Speciale into a retainer wall, resulting in substantial front-end damage, and causing airbag deployment inside. The prognosis wasn’t cheery; it was going to take just over $230,000 to revive the stricken supercar.

Instead of taking what was likely a substantial insurance write-off, Frey chose to go down an alternative path toward Ferrari resurrection. Creating a project aptly labeled, “The Dead Ferrari”, he seeks to sell what equates to advertising space on the car in order to pay for fixing it.

For a measly €3.99 ($4.42), a supporter can put any picture of anything they want (as long as it is appropriate and legal) on space provided on the hood, chassis, or bumper. According to his website, “over 5,000 [people] will see your photo everyday”.

If this works out as planned, the 458 Speciale will get a new lease on life, and supporters can say they have a special space on a Ferrari. As a bonus incentive, if the project receives over 50,000 backers, one lucky European participant will be drawn to drive the fixed Ferrari for a whole month. If the winner is not in Europe, they will receive a $5,000 rental car voucher.

Take a look at the website by clicking here to get your face on a Ferrari.

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