Opel Won’t Be A Global Brand, Says GM

Buick’s new Regal (read about the car here) may be as close as we’ll ever get to seeing the Opel Insignia sold on our shores. General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson recently squashed rumors that the company’s European operations could move to other markets, including North America.

“Opel is a regional brand,” said Henderson, “and I don’t see that changing. That doesn’t mean I’m closed to ideas about how it can be used elsewhere, but the measure of the Opel brand’s success will be Europe. If you don’t win here, all the discussion of exports will be irrelevant.”

That’s just as well. Opel has its hands full at home, where it’s trying to sort out the political unrest caused by the whole Magna soap opera. In addition, it’s also launching the new Astra compact hatchback, and is busy working on a replacement for its Mazda5-sized Meriva — a critical product if Opel wants to tango with Ford’s new C-Max and Grand C-Max offerings.

Source: Automotive News