Opel Teases Adam Rocks Concept, Reveals More About Rally Car

Opel will bring a concept car called the Adam Rocks to next month’s Geneva Motor Show. The funky show car is supposed to show a potential crossover variation of the Adam subcompact. At the same time, Opel revealed more details on its Adam-based rally car that meets FIA R2 requirements.

The Rocks concept is taller and wider than the regular Opel Adam, with butch styling, flared fenders, and giant blade-style wheels. The body is 0.78 inch wider than a standard Adam, and the suspension has been lifted 0.6 inch. A fabric roof retracts to open the cabin to the outside world.

Opel says the Adam Rocks is as agile as “parkour athletes, who move from one place to another,” and hints that it shows the way Opel could expand the subcompact hatchback’s appeal. In other words, look for a production mini-crossover in a year or two.

Keeping with the off-road bent, Opel also revealed more detailed specifications on its Adam rally car. The hatchback uses a 1.6-liter inline-four engine with 185 hp and a five-speed sequential transmission; a limited-slip differential helps direct power to the ground. A hydraulic handbrake, Brembo brakes, and an adjustable suspension are all included.

As to safety, the Adam’s cabin has been stripped and filled with a roll cage, fire extinguisher, race seats, and racing steering wheel. A digital instrument cluster, rally trip computer, and more are also included. Opel says the car is eligible for “every national rally championship in Europe.”

The standard Opel Adam is a funky small hatchback aimed at the likes of the Fiat 500 and MINI Cooper. It’s available in a multiltude of funky colors and has small, efficient engines. Fuel-saving gadgets include engine stop-start, electric power steering, and a base engine that displaces just 1.2 liters and offers only 70 hp.

There will be three whimsically named trim levels for the Opel Adam: Jam is said to be “unconventional, fashionable and colorful,” Glam is “more elegant, refined and sophisticated,” while Slam will be “energetic and sporty.” The hatchback can be further customized by choosing from one of three roof colors, a multitude of interior designs, and reportedly as many as 25 exterior colors. There’s even a unique “starlight” headliner that features twinkling LEDs.

Source: Opel