Opel Adam Rocks Headed to 2014 Geneva Auto Show

Opel announced that it will bring the Adam Rocks to production, just one year after the Adam Rocks concept debuted at Geneva last year. The Opel Adam Rocks will be a soft-roading urban crossover variant of the Opel Adam mini-car, joining the existing Slam, Glam, and Jam lineup. Set to make its debut at the 2014 Geneva auto show in March, the Opel Adam Rocks will feature the brand’s new turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

The Opel Adam Rocks will keep the same level of customization and personality as in other Adam models, but it features a number of its own unique elements. Like the Rocks concept, the Opel Adam Rocks is 0.78 inches wider and 0.6 inches taller than the standard Opel Adam. Other carryover features from the concept car include large blade-shaped 17-inch standard or 18-inch alloy wheels; flared fenders; and anthracite-colored paneling on the car’s front and rear fascia, taillights, wheel arches, and rocker sills. Customers will be able to choose from 18 body colors and six roof colors (among many other customizable features) meaning it will be rare to find two cars that are exactly alike. Opel’s IntelliLink system with Bluetooth connectivity and Apple iOS Siri voice control is also available.

Opel also retuned the Adam Rocks with a stiffer suspension, modifying the springs, dampers, and rear suspension. The Adam Rocks’ more rugged “off-road” personality is similar to that of the Fiat Panda 4×4, although the Opel lacks the Fiat’s four-wheel-drive and electronically locking differential. The Opel Adam Rocks, however, incorporates a standard canvas top roof. In just 5 seconds, the canvas top can electronically retract and automatically fold inside the C-pillars. Opel seems to have married elements of the Panda 4×4 and the Fiat 500C, offering a tougher personality alongside open-air capability. We probably wouldn’t recommend seriously off-roading in a front-wheel-drive car with such a short wheelbase (the entire body is just over twelve feet long), but no doubt the Adam Rocks is among the funkier and more off-beat new vehicles bound for Geneva.

Opel will employ GM’s new 1.0-liter Ecotec three-cylinder engine in the Adam Rocks, available with either 90 or 115 hp. Maximum fuel efficiency for the all-aluminum, single-scroll turbocharged engine is estimated at about 55 mpg (U.S.), while torque for the 115-hp engine tops out at 122 lb-ft. Both of these figures improve upon those of the 1.4-liter turbo-four in the existing Opel Adam. When associate web editor Jake Holmes sampled the 86-hp powertrain in the Vauxhall Adam last year, he found the car was underpowered and failed to live up to its fuel economy ratings. While that model had a five-speed manual transmission, the Adam Rocks will feature a new, more compact and lightweight six-speed manual gearbox. Four-cylinder Opel Adam engines, such as the 70-hp 1.2-liter, the aforementioned 1.4-liter, and the 100-hp 1.4-liter will also be available on the open-air urban mini-crossover.

The Opel Adam Rocks will arrive in showrooms in early summer, not long after it is unveiled at the 2014 Geneva auto show. Pricing will not be released until the car’s launch, but we do know that Opel will build the car at its Eisenbach, Germany facility starting in August 2014.