Only Six Aston Martin One-77s Will Come to U.S.

New information on Aston Martin’s most expensive car ever, the One-77, has been released, including how many cars will be destined for U.S. buyers.

“It’s a fabulous, hand-built car that’s the pinnacle of what Aston Martin can achieve,” said Aston Martin boss Ulrich Bez. The One-77 is two meters wide, but according to Bez, still maintains “a very dynamic and elegant shape.” Thanks to a carbon fiber tub and aluminum body panels, the One-77 weighs a mere 1500kg.

Inside is a 7.0 liter powerplant, deverived from the automaker’s 6.0 liter V-12. The car will be able to pump out a healthy 700 hp. Some of the exact specifications for the vehicle are still being decided, which makes estimating the potential top speed pointless, but Bez claims that exceeding 200 mph would be “unavoidable.”

There have been no actual sales of the One-77 yet, but there have been a hundred “expressions of interest” from potential buyers. No more than six One-77s are expected to reach American shores.

Source: Autocar


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