On the Road

If you’re driving on a busy interstate highway today, look around and see whether you notice fewer semis on the road than usual.

That’s because today (May 5) has been designated by a group called Truckers and Citizens United as National Shut-Down Day.

Truckers and Citizens United is a group of professional independent truck drivers who are fed up with the high price of diesel fuel and the effect it’s having on their incomes. Today’s action is their latest attempt to bring attention to their plight.

The group’s last action took place on April 28, when a convoy of trucks entered the nation’s capital and circled the mall with horns blaring, protesting diesel fuel prices and demanding that Congress impose price caps.

On April 1, about 250 trucks crawled along I-75 near Atlanta at 20 mph in protest. Another group of 200 rigs did the same near Newark.

It has yet to be seen what, if any, effect these actions will have. To date, there has been no noticeable halt in the inexorable rise of the price of fuel, and Congress has shown little inclination to address the issue.