Oh Ssssssnap: UK Auto Technician Finds Snake While Inspecting Mini

A lucky auto technician finds nothing unusual when he opens the hood to a car: just an engine, a bunch of wires and hoses, and a radiator up front. A less lucky one might find a lot of dust or dirt, or leaves, or perhaps some leaking fluids. A technician in Oxford, England wasn’t so lucky to find those, though: he found a snake.

The incident happened at Carringtons of Oxford, a Bosch car service center located 55 miles northwest of London. Technician Wayne Hunt was part way through an inspection on a customer’s MINI Cooper when he found a five-foot-long boa constrictor curled up in the engine bay. He was feeling under the hood trying to unlatch it when he inadvertently touched the snake, which was sitting in front of the front-right wheel well.

Hunt called the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals to pick up the snake, which didn’t belong to the car’s owner. Neither Hunt nor the snake was hurt, thankfully, but at five inches thick, the RSPCA says the snake looked a little thin.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Mini commemorated the find with another of its numerous special edition models. If they do, we’d like for it to be called the Cooper Constrictor.

Source: Bosch

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