Oh Connecticut, what anguish you have wrought

One hundred and seven years ago today, the Nutmeg State set the nation’s first speed limit. I suppose we can forgive them.

Think that 65-mph limit on your local interstate isn’t fast enough? Try this on for size: On May 21, 1901, Connecticut enacted the nation’s first law regarding motorized vehicles. The law stated that automobiles–essentially anything on four wheels that moved under its own power–were to be limited to the breakneck speed of 12 mph in cities. Yes, 12. (It may not seem that fast, but remember that most turn-of-the-century automobiles were happiest in the sub-15 mph range anyway.)’s This Day in Tech feature has an interesting; entry on speed limits and today’s anniversary, one that name-checks everyone from Charles Babbage to Oldsmobile. Check it out. As for speeding? We’re not endorsing anything, but let’s just say that a little civil disobedience now and then never hurt anybody.