Novitec Pumps the Ferrari FF Up to 702 hp

The existing Ferrari FF is no slouch, with its 660 hp and all-wheel drive, but German tuning house Novitec Rosso added more power to the Italian shooting brake anyway. You might as well refer to the Ferrari FF not as the Ferrari Four but the Freaking Fast.

As usual, Novitec’s upgrade program comprises dozens of tweaks, from little things like LED fog lights to engine management unit upgrades. The model in question is Novitec’s most powerful FF, which makes some 702 hp and 527 lb-ft of torque, an increase of 51 hp and 23 lb-ft, respectively. With that extra power the Novitec Ferrari  FF now tops out at 211 mph, 3 mph more than the stock model.

The increased power is thanks in part to an increased redline, now 8200 rpm, part thanks to a louder, less restrictive exhaust system with stainless steel pipes and freer-flowing catalytic converters, and part thanks to some upgrades to the stock ECU. For buyers who need more horsepower than the FF’s stock 660 but don’t quite need 702, Novitec promises other stages of tune that offer 694, 688, or 684 hp.

Other than the boost in power, Novitec offers the sorts of upgrades we’ve come to expect from the German tuning house. They include painted, forged wheels, an upgraded aerodynamic kit including carbon fiber front spoilers, mirror covers, side skirts, a lip spoiler, and a rear diffuser.

As usual, Novitec is willing to dress the FF’s interior in carbon, alcantara, and leather to your specification, provided you’ve got the imagination and the cash to make it happen.  Considering that the Ferrari FF will cost you a whopping $302,450 without any options or upgrades from Novitec, we’ll assume that buyers in fact do have the money.

Source: Novitec Rosso