No Super Bowl Ads from GM Next Year

In last year’s Super Bowl, the New England Patriots vied for perfection and General Motors promoted the 2008 GMC Yukon Hybrid. How quickly and harshly times can change. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is out for the season, and General Motors, facing a cash shortage, announced it will not be advertising during the 2009 Super Bowl.

The move is not all that surprising, given that the automaker dropped out of both last night’s Emmy Awards and the upcoming Academy Awards. But the decision to retreat from the Super Bowl is by far the most significant sign GM is crimping its advertising budget. GM has consistently been the third biggest Super Bowl advertiser, behind only Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch.

GM told the Detroit News it did not have any vehicle launches coinciding with the Super Bowl next February, and is looking for the highest return on its investment. That may be true, especially given the $3 million per 30-second tag NBC is reportedly asking for this year. And yet, it is hard for us to imagine GM making up for the lost impact of the nation’s most widely watched TV event.

GM vehicles will still be featured at the game, taking place next February in Tampa, Florida, as part of the company’s broader sponsorship deal with the NFL.

Source: Detroit News