No Kidding: Bugatti Veyron Sees Mileage Rating Improvement for 2011

Potential Bugatti buyers, rejoice! The Veyron’s mileage rating is up for the 2011 model year.

Yes, it’s true, the 16-cylinder car with over 1000 horsepower receives a rating of 8/15 mpg city/highway in 2011, compared to 8/14 mpg for the 2010 car, according to

Either way, the Bugatti is still more efficient than the least efficient two-seater in its class: the 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago with a six-speed manual transmission, rated at 8/13 mpg. With Lamborghini’s recent pledge to drop weight from its future vehicles, it’s likely the Murcielago replacement could improve on that figure.

While Bugatti prepares the 16C Galibier four-door for production, the latest news for the brand is the debut of the 1200-horsepower Veyron Super Sport, pictured here. Capable of a 268-mph top speed, 20 Super Sports have already been ordered. We’re guessing fuel economy wasn’t on those customers’ list of priorities.

Source: EPA