Nissan to Unveil Land Glider Concept at 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

Is it a car, or is it a motorcycle? When it comes to Nissan’s Land Glider concept, we’re asking ourselves the same question…

The newest concept coming out of Nissan’s design studio has the seating arrangement and handling capabilities of a motorcycle. Although it sports four wheels, an active suspension system helps lean the car into corners by up to 17 degrees, allowing the car to shift its center of gravity and improve stability in corners. Nissan’s also managed to integrate the roof and windshield, giving the driver and passenger – seated in a tandem position — a panoramic view.

The Land Glider is powered by two electric motors, and while Nissan hasn’t released any technical specifications at this point, the company does say it uses a lithium-polymer battery pack, giving the minicar a 100-mile range.

Nissan also fitted the Land Glider with the same crash avoidance technology seen in the Eporo robot concepts. The technology allows crash avoidance by allowing a vehicle to mimic fish in a large school. When fish quickly change direction in a school, they do so without contact — something we’d love to see applied to moving traffic in the real world.

We’ll bring you live photos and more information on the Land Glider when Nissan unveils the concept at the 2009 Tokyo motor show. Stay with Automobile Magazine for all the latest happenings from the show floor starting October 21.

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