Nissan Teases Friend-Me Concept Ahead Of Shanghai Show

Concept Car Has "Connectivity" Console.

This teaser photo provides our first look at the Nissan Friend-Me concept, which will debut April 20 at the Shanghai Motor Show in China. The car is apparently the first Nissan concept car designed primarily by the Nissan Design China center in Beijing.

The shadowy teaser photo shows that the Nissan Friend-Me concept will employ the company’s signature “V” front grille insert, with the round Nissan logo illuminated in electric-blue. Squinty, swept-back headlights signal a rounded front end with several creases for the hood and front fascia.

The most intriguing aspect of the Nissan Friend-Me concept, though, is its center console. As the social media-esque name suggests, Nissan says this car is aimed at young people who like to be connected via the Internet. As such, the special touchscreen console has a “Four Seats, One Mind Connectivity” system that reportedly allows each passenger to share electronic information. More information should arrive next month at the Shanghai show, but the system could be designed for vehicle occupants to exchange photos or other social media.

Nissan says the Friend-Me is aimed at the “vibrant, young generation in China,” which is growing and represents an appealing new sales market for automakers. In the U.S., car companies are similarly pandering to young drivers, called Millenials, with features like in-car Internet radio and Facebook connectivity.

Source: Nissan

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