The New Skyline GT-R Emerges

we won’t have to wait that long for an official glimpse of the 2008 Skyline (pictured above in recent concept form,) because Nissan will unveil a teaser concept at this October’s Tokyo show as a follow-up to the GT-R design exercise that wowed crowds at the 2001 Tokyo salon. Infiniti G35 coupes with bulging bodywork and fat tires were spotted last fall and again recently at the Nrburgring, indicating that Nissan’s development work on the Skyline is well under way.

Officially, Nissan continues to drape an unparalleled veil of secrecy over the production Skyline GT-R, which will debut at the 2007 Tokyo show and then go on sale in Japan within days. Unlike all previous Skyline GT-Rs (sidebar), the new car will be sold in America, but not until the 2008 calendar year.

What we do know is that the GT-R will be Nissan’s modern equivalent of the mid-1980s Porsche 959: a staggeringly fast, all-wheel-drive, technology-laden flagship coupe into which Nissan engineers and designers have poured their souls. Sources report that the 2008 Skyline will be built on a unique all-wheel-drive platform and powered by a twin-turbo version of the 350Z‘s 3.5-liter V-6, possibly bored out to 4.0 liters. The grapevine speaks of 450 hp allied to Nissan’s next-generation, variable-torque-split, ATTESA E-TS all-wheel-drive system. We say, how about a 500-hp, twin-turbo version of the 4.5-liter Infiniti V-8, instead?

Nissan’s business plan reportedly calls for the Skyline to sell for about $70,000. That’s double the price of a 350Z but tens of thousands of dollars less than the expected asking price for the next Turbo, against which the Nissan should effectively compete. That’s a comparison test we’re looking forward to conducting.