Nissan shows Infiniti G37 Hybrid

During a recent preview of its ‘earth-friendly’ vehicle developments , Nissan also unwrapped this – an Infiniti G37 Hybrid.

Although the automaker has already dabbled with hybrids (the 2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid comes to mind), the G37 demonstrator is the first attempt Nissan’s shown at a rear-drive gas-electric vehicle.

We’re told the car retains the stock combustion engine, but adds a parallel-hybrid system, not unlike Honda’s current “Integrated Motor Assist” system.; The G37 Hybrid’s electric motors can help propel the car under hard acceleration, but there is no pure EV mode, even for low-speeds.

Nissan says the G37 Hybrid uses an ‘advanced’ lithium-ion battery pack (manufactured through its joint-venture with electronics giant NEC), but fails to talk about its specifications.;

Also noticeably missing from the G37’s press file is a timetable: We’ve no idea if or when the G37 Hybrid will come to fruition, but it could help the Infiniti brand survive in tightly-regulated markets.