Nissan Says No Quest for 2010

If you’re shopping for a new minivan, don’t look for a 2010 Nissan Quest. The Japanese automaker confirmed today its kid-hauler will skip a model year or two.

The pause is largely attributed to a change in the production venue. The 2009 Quest was built in Canton, Mississippi, alongside the Titan pickup and Armada SUV, and the Infiniti QX56. While Titan and Armada production will remain put, Quest and QX assembly will be shifted to Japan, freeing space in the Canton facility for a new commercial vehicle (possibly resembling the NV2500 concept).

This isn’t the first hiatus in Quest production (a one-year pause occurred in 2003), and Nissan isn’t planning on leaving the van segment altogether. Expect an all-new Quest — possibly resembling the 2007 Forum concept — to roll off the Japanese assembly line in roughly a year’s time.