Nissan Ramping Up Production of Leaf Electric Car

Nissan sold just 19 Leaf electric vehicles in December, but with production ramping up at the Japanese plant, you’ll soon be able to add a couple zeros onto that number. About 3000 Leafs have been made so far and Nissan expects it will produce about 4000 cars a month by March, according to Reuters.

U.S.-made Leafs won’t exist until Tennessee production starts in 2012.

“Right now, about one in every seven cars is a Leaf, and we’ll start building more until we reach maximum capacity in March,” said Seiji Honda, head of the plant at which the Leaf is currently produced, in a tour of the production facilities.

There’s certainly enough demand to keep production flowing at full capacity for a little while as 20,000 U.S. consumers have placed a reservation for a Leaf. The Chevrolet Volt also went on sale in December 2010, selling 326 units.

Source: Reuters