Nissan “Premium Factory” Replaces Infiniti Brand in Japan

After two decades, North Americans seem okay with Nissan’s decision to market premium vehicles under the Infiniti moniker – but that may not be the case in Japan.; Such uncertainties are the reason why the automaker’s launching a new brand for Japan, called the “Premium Factory”.

Launched last Monday, the Premium Factory label will be applied to the Murano crossover, the Skyline coupe (aka Infiniti G37 here in the U.S.), the Fuga sedan, the Elgrand minivan, and the up-and-coming 370Z coupe. With that portfolio, Nissan says the Premium Factory brand will focus on “comfort, quality, and high performance.”

Those three attributes are also hallmarks of the Infiniti brand, but Nissan has a good reason for the shift.; Here, people will recognize both Nissan and Infiniti as automakers – in fact, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch someone who knows they’re related.; That’s not the case in Japan.; Consumers are extremely familiar with the Nissan brand, but as Automotive News puts it, the Infiniti moniker “draws blank stares.”

Source: Automotive News