Nissan NV200 Concept Will Enter Production

We’d forgotten about the quirky little NV200 concept Nissan showed at the 2007 Tokyo motor show, but we’ve just learned the compact van will, in fact, be entering production.

Granted, the production version won’t have the removable cargo pod inspired by the infamous Thunderbirds TV show, but we’re told much of the van’s styling will remain intact.; Given many of the NV200’s cues are similar to those on other Nissan production and concept models (need we point to the Forum concept?), we’re not surprised to hear as much.

The micro-van will debut in Europe early next year, while it’ll arrive in Japan in late 2009.; Though Nissan plans to bring a range of commercial vehicles to the U.S. in the next few years, with mechanicals sourced from the diminutive Micra and possibly competing against the upcoming 2010 Cube, we doubt the NV200 will arrive here anytime soon.