Nissan and Honda Post Sales Increases in June, Toyota Most Improved

Toyota posted a 57.5-percent improvement in June sales, thanks in part to the Camry and the new Prius C. Its luxury division Lexus also did well, with an 85.9-percent increase compared to June 2011. In second place was Honda with a 45.6-percent gain, while Acura posted a 76.5-percent increase thanks to new products such as the RDX crossover. Nissan came in third with a 24.6 increase compared to the same period last year, and Infiniti saw sales increase 66.1 percent.

Toyota and Scion 157,773 units, up 57.5 percent

Overall June sales were up 57.5 percent, driven mostly by the new Toyota Camry, which sold 32,107 (up 50.2 percent). The Corolla was a close second, with 26,647 sold (up 41.2 percent), while the Prius was not far behind with 19,150 units sold, thanks in part to the newest member of the family, the Prius C. Avalon sales sagged 18.6 percent with 1768 sold, but the all-new 2013 Avalon could help turn things around soon.

All Toyota trucks and SUVs posted gains, with 15,129 RAV4s sold (up 66.2 percent), and 11,864 Tacomas sold (up 45.9 percent). Sales for the Land Cruiser more than quadrupled with 294 sold (up 345.5 percent) compared to the same period last year. As for Scion, the FR-S was fast out the gate, selling 2684 units, while the xB saw an increase of 125.7 percent with 1869 boxy cars sold.

Lexus 20,022 units, up 85.9 percent

Even though the all-new 2013 Lexus ES is on the horizon, it appears customers are still flocking to the 2012 model. The ES is the Lexus cars volume leader with 3780 sold (up 75.2 percent), while the IS is next in line with 2572 sold (up 57.7 percent). The revamped GS continues to perform well; 2020 units were sold in June 2012. The RX continues to lead premium SUV sales, with 8641 sold (up 68.1 percent), while the LX sold only 326 units, a 147-percent increase over last June.

Honda – 109,438 units, up 45.6 Percent

Honda sales were up 45.6-percent last month compared to production-constrained June 2011. Once again, the Accord was the volume leader with 28,924 units sold, an increase of 84.1 percent compared to the same period last year. The Civic was also up with 27,500 units sold (up 57.3 percent), while the Insight hybrid posted a 51.6-percent decline with just 494 units sold. The Fit also slipped with 4584 sold (down 6.7 percent). Honda’s people-movers did relatively well, especially the CR-V, which found its way home to 23,282 customers (up 50.3 percent). The Odyssey was up 55.9 percent (11,275 sold), while the Pilot sold 9959 units, up 10.2 percent. Finally, the Crosstour (1826 sold) and Ridgeline (1185 sold) were up 30.9 and 101.9 percent respectively.

Acura – 15,370 units, up 76.5 Percent

Acura’s sales last month included a promising sign that Americans might be warming up to wagons. Sales of the TSX Sport Wagon totaled 397 units, flat compared to May 2012, but up 225.4 percent compared to June 2011. Total TSX sales were up 43.9 percent with 2602 units sold. The MDX crossover also did well with 5125 sold, an increase of 51.9 percent. The TL posted a 47.1-improvement with 3377 units sold. Acura sold 3090 units of its second-generation RDX crossover, good for a 189.3-increase compared to last year. Additionally, the new ILX compact sedan went on sale last month, with 1081 units sold. On the negative side was the ZDX (63 sold, down 38.8 percent) and the RL (32 sold, down 45.8 percent).

Nissan 81,801 units, up 24.6 percent

The majority of Nissan’s lineup saw double-digit increases compared to June 2011, when the automaker had a inventory shortage issues. The Altima continues to be the brand’s volume leader with 21,812 sedans sold last month (up 11.7 percent).  The Sentra and Versa round out the top three cars, with 9211 units sold (up 14 percent), and 8746 sold (up 101.3 percent), respectively. The Juke also saw a spike in sales, up 52.7 percent with 3101 CUVS sold. Sales for the quirky Cube continue to slide with only 711 sold (down 45.8 percent), while sales for the Leaf also suffered with 535 driven off the lot (down 68.7 percent). Nissan SUVs and trucks all saw positive numbers. The Rogue came in at number one in the SUV/truck department with 10,999 sold (up 46.8 percent) while the Frontier had gains of 27.6 percent with 5651 trucks sold.

Infiniti 10,436 units, up 66.1 percent

The luxury brand’s MVP for June was the Infiniti G sedan, with 3923 units sold (up 48.5 percent). Infiniti says it’s the sedan’s best since June 2007. Though only 815 units of the M line were sold, the numbers still account for a 24.8 percent increase. As for the SUVs, the new seven-passenger JX is leading the way with 2428 units sold, followed by the full-size QX luxury SUV, which is up 24.6 percent with 1044 sold — its best performance in five years.

Source: Honda, Nissan, Toyota

Erick Ayapana and Karla Sanchez contributed to this report.

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